The Christian and Business


“People curse the one who hoards grain, but they pray God’s blessing on the one who is willing to sell.”

Proverbs 11:26

The Bible gives us many helpful practical tips on maintaining healthy business practices. When running and maintaining a business, the source of our business model should come from scripture.
The Bible says much to us about how to run a profitable business. Much of our current day economy in the success as we have enjoyed are due to the fact that we based our business on biblical principles. While there are many verses in Scripture we can draw from, here is one which I believe would really bless us. Proverbs 11:26. I see three principles emerge from this text:

People curse the one who hoards grain,

The reality is that people are hungry for a good product.  If it can help us save time, money and thus become more efficient, people want it and are willing to pay for it.  People are looking for a good companies to work with. We have a need to find the product that will help us fix it fast, right and on time. We will be blessed by God if we serve our customers cheerfully and faithfully. ONe thing we must notice very carefully is that it is the people that curse the business owner not God.

…but they pray God’s blessing on the one who is willing to sell

God bless blesses those who give away. God is a giving and loving God. The Bible tells us that God so loved the world that he “gave“ his only son. We are truly blessed when we give. We are to put our very heart into the products that we create and sell, and keep the customer in mind. Our produce should be a blessing to them!  God also blesses those who are willing to sell items. When you wake up in the morning and get out there and work hard to promote your product people will see the joy in your life and you will be a blessing. This is the kind of Christian that God can bless, the one who put his whole heart into the work that he does.  When you love your work and you love what you do, that kind of love is contagious!
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Pastor Vince Gonzales
Pastor Vince Gonzales is Pastor of North Dallas Family Church and you may read his blog at NorthDallasFamily.Org