Pastor Vince interview with NBC Latino on immigration reform

Conservatives press House to advance immigration reform

by Suzanne Gamboa (NBC Latino)


Vince Gonzales said he doesn’t travel much outside the Latino evangelical world as a Texas pastor. But there he was Tuesday among a very diverse crowd at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, minutes from meeting with House members to urge them to advance immigration reform.

Compelling him outside his normal environment was the issue of immigration reform and his like-mindedness with hundreds of other conservatives that it urgently needs to be done.

“Coming here has given me the opportunity to speak directly to the country’s leadership,” said Gonzales, who leads a 200-member congregation in Farmers Branch, Texas. He said his members are about a third immigrants and two-thirds the children and grandchildren of immigrants.

Hundreds of conservative business, agriculture, evangelical and political leaders were presenting a different face than usually is seen on immigration reform…(read full story at NBC Latino)