Pastor Vince’s DC visit on Immigration Reform featured on Christian Post

Path to Citizenship Is Dead, Path to Legalization Still Possible, Immigration Reform Advocates Say

WASHINGTON – An immigration reform bill that includes a path to citizenship now appears unlikely, but there is a possibility of getting a path to some other form of legal status, speakers at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference’s “Justice Summit” said Tuesday.

Republican leaders are now working on legislation that would provide legalization, but not a path to citizenship, for current unauthorized immigrants, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the NHCLC, explained. And, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who has been a leading spokesperson for those opposed to the Senate’s immigration reform bill, told Rodriguez he could support such a plan.

Several members of Congress met with the NHCLC during the two-day summit.

Rodriguez was on a panel hosted by The Christian Post and moderated by Dr. Richard Land, executive editor for CP and president of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

The NHCLC has been a strong supporter of immigration reform and has called for a path to citizenship as part of a broad reform package. Rodriguez, who is also a senior editorial advisor for CP, told the NHCLC members in attendance that they would have “a lot more conversation” in the next few weeks about whether or not they would support the proposed compromise…(continue reading at Christian Post)

Pastor Vince interview with NBC Latino on immigration reform

Conservatives press House to advance immigration reform

by Suzanne Gamboa (NBC Latino)


Vince Gonzales said he doesn’t travel much outside the Latino evangelical world as a Texas pastor. But there he was Tuesday among a very diverse crowd at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, minutes from meeting with House members to urge them to advance immigration reform.

Compelling him outside his normal environment was the issue of immigration reform and his like-mindedness with hundreds of other conservatives that it urgently needs to be done.

“Coming here has given me the opportunity to speak directly to the country’s leadership,” said Gonzales, who leads a 200-member congregation in Farmers Branch, Texas. He said his members are about a third immigrants and two-thirds the children and grandchildren of immigrants.

Hundreds of conservative business, agriculture, evangelical and political leaders were presenting a different face than usually is seen on immigration reform…(read full story at NBC Latino)

Pastor Vince in Washington–Day 1

Pastor Vince in WashingtonOn october 27th I had the privilege to lobby Washington as an invited guest of “Americans for Reform” who was seeking to include hispanic pastors on their national platform. I have never been to Capitol Hill to lobby on anything before and this was a great opportunity. The goal was to get the House of Representatives to move to vote on immigration reform. Most pundits are saying that the bill is “dead in the house” but our efforts may work to move it to vote.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the group is very multicultural, multiethnic, and also secular and sacred (if you will). I had believed that Republicans were very anti-immigration however the group I was with was majority Republican. “Americans for Reform” are composed of businessmen, educators, pastors, lawyers, medical professionals and many people from various backgrounds. This was far from a Hispanic take over of Washington,, in fact I saw few Hispanics present in the meeting room of over 500 persons representing 40 states.On the bus from the airport I rode with the Vice President of the Republican Party of Utah who was preparing to go on radio for an interview. He was making calls to his aids preparing his talking points on why immigration reform should pass. I was surprised to see his zeal for this issue even though he was African American. I met a Korean Lawyer who was here, a few evangelical pastors and leaders who were Anglo and quite a few women as well.


It was interesting to see all of the unity in the room over trying to fix a problem with current immigration policy. I did feel a little uncomfortable as a Pastor being so closely involved in the political system, but actually this was a political process, not a party meeting which really made me feel at ease. The organizers of the event welcomed me and thanked me greatly for coming to DC to be part of this historical meeting.Tomorrow I will meet with my congressional representatives their office and I will be given a few minutes to share with them my “view from the ground” of why we need to work together to reform the immigration process. Nothing political or radical, just another american giving honest testimony on what is going on with the people I meet on the street during my day to day work as a Hispanic Pastor in North Dallas.


Tomorrow will be fun!

Pastor Vince Goes to Washington

I was recently invited to participate in the Evangelical Round table on Immigration reform.  The goal of this organization is to engage Hispanic Pastors (and all pastors concerned on the issue) to provide input, prayer and assistance in the implementation of immigration reform.  While the issue is quite complex, any changes to the existing system will have far reaching implications on the United States economy and direction in the future.  The impact on the Hispanic community will also be felt as well.  For this reason, I personally felt compelled to attend this important meeting.  I will be blogging on my experiences here in the days to come.  Please stay tuned for future updates.