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Get Plugged into small group Bible study every Sunday mornings at 9:30am.
We Have Classes for all Ages!
• Babies
Life Stage: Infants
Teacher: Trinidad Que
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 0 months – 1 yrs
Life Stage: Toddlers
Teacher: Patricia Que
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 2yrs – 3yrs
Life Stage: Early Childhood
Teacher: Ruth Sanchez
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 4yrs – 5yrs
1st – 2nd Grade
Life Stage: Elementary
Teacher: Vlandina Lopez
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 6yrs – 7yrs
3rd – 4th Grade
Life Stage: Elementary
Teacher: Rhoda Gonzales
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 8yrs – 10yrs
Life Stage: Middle School (5th grade – 7th grade)
Teacher: Belinda Reyna
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 11yrs – 13yrs
Life Stage: High School
Teacher: Miztli Ramirez and Hery Montalvo
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 14yrs – 18yrs
 •Young Adults
Life Stage: College
Teacher: Quang and Eva Gonzalez
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 19yrs and 28yrs
Life Stage: Women
Teacher: Tony Lopez
Class Type: Women  Ages: 30 and up
•Adults Co-ed in Spanish
Life Stage: Adults
Teacher: Enrique Favela Sr.
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 30 and up
•Married Adults in Spanish
Life Stage: Married
Teacher: Javier Ramirez Sr.
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 20 and up
•Married Adults
Life Stage: Married
Teacher: Manuel Tovar
Class Type: Co-ed  Ages: 20 and up